Give Us Two Weeks and We’ll Change your Life.

aiden helmetHere’s our proposition: you commit to taking an eco-action for two weeks and we’ll change your life for good.

The fourth annual EcoChallenge kicks off on October 15 and for the fourth time we’ll collectively demonstrate that many people taking small actions adds up to real change. The EcoChallenge is completely non-prescriptive (like all of NWEI’s programs) and participants choose a challenge that will work for their lifestyles. Most people choose a challenge that stretches their comfort zone – often it is something they have been meaning to do for a while.

For instance, before we had our son (smiling in his bike seat to the right), my husband and I were very regular bike commuters who left the car sitting in the driveway most days. Since then? Well, let’s just say we’ve been saying we should figure out how to bike commute with a toddler, but haven’t gotten around to it. The EcoChallenge is just the occasion to turn that “should” into “will”, and we will be bike commuting for the two weeks of the EcoChallenge.

motivation is what gets you goingAnd, like 98% of the EcoChallenge participants last year, I’m sure that we’ll end the challenge with a resolve to continue with at least some aspects of our challenge. Perhaps we’ll find that bike commuting every day is not sustainable – but that bike commuting twice a week with our little boy in the CoPilot seat is a great compromise for our lifestyle now. The goal of the EcoChallenge is to provide the occasion and camaraderie to get challengers to take the first step. Taking the first step is the most important piece of the behavior change process.

The science behind the EcoChallenge is rather simple – by motivating people to commit to a challenge for two weeks, NWEI is helping to create new habits.

At NWEI, we believe change should be fun – and social. When you break big issues into bite-sized pieces, and talk through them with the people who matter to you, you discover insights and inspiration. The EcoChallenge is one more way that NWEI is creating communities of change.


Join us for the 2013 EcoChallenge, commit to taking action for two weeks and we promise to change your life for good.

*Thanks to NWEI’s Development Director Kerry Lyles for today’s post.


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