EcoChallenge 2017: Our Most Successful Challege To Date

                                                                           A snapshot of our collective impact

Last week marked the ending of our 9th annual EcoChallenge. We engaged a record 12,214 participants across 639 teams from
83 countries! By all accounts, it was our most successful challenge ever. Thousands of EcoChallengers in schools, communities, and businesses took action on the most important environmental and social issues, and inspired others to join in the fun. We hope the
EcoChallenge experience resulted in habits that add up to a lifetime of positive change. You can check out our Collective Impact and learn more about this year’s EcoChallenge via our event summary here.

Thank you to all the teams who participated – and a huge congratulations to the top five EcoChallenge Teams: Sustainable Saints (Mt. Hood Community College), Rob Greenfield Team,  Ecova AllStars (Ecova), Delran Middle School in New Jersey, and AMD Green Team (Advanced Micro Devices). This year surpassed previous collective impact stats – including diverting over 131,000 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, saving over 350,000 gallons of water, tracking over 9,000 carpool miles and writing or calling over 500 public officals about issues we care about. We also volunteered over 1,400 hours in our local communities.

CITI Green Team EcoChallengers complete a Highway Clean Up project

We often hear at the end of EcoChallenge, “How can I go deeper?” or “What are the next steps for me personally or for my organization?” We invite you to continue your EcoChallenges – and to continue creating new positive habits. We also invite you to consider the next steps for effecting change in your community or organization. Join us for a special webinar on November 15th to learn how NWEI’s offerings can take your EcoChallenge and momentum to the next level. 

We leave you with just a few of the many inspiring quotes from this year’s EcoChallenge. “EcoChallenge pushed me to learn more. I consider myself fairly aware of my habits and their effects, but I learned how much more I could be doing,” shared one EcoChallenger in reflection. Another EcoChallenger shared, “The big take away for me is mindfulness. It is important to think about how you want to be a good environmental steward, even in the small things you do every day.” We couldn’t agree more.



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