Today is the Day! EcoChallenge 2017 Kicks Off

The day has finally arrived – the start of the 2017 EcoChallenge! If you’ve accepted the Challenge, thank you. If not, we hope you’ll join the thousands of EcoChallengers who’ve stepped up to prove that small actions add up to real change. If you’re signed up, you can start checking in to log your actions now. The new platform is mobile friendly, so you can now check-in on your phone. And, it isn’t too late to join in the fun. It’s also not too late to invite friends, family, or co-works to join you. You can create your own team or join the Northwest Earth Institute Community Team here.

To celebrate Day 1 of EcoChallenge, we’re having a fun EcoChallenge ‘Selfie’ contest. Many of you have shared with us your reason for taking action in this year’s EcoChallenge. It has been incredibly inspiring—too inspiring to keep to ourselves, which gave us an idea. Share your “Why” for taking action and then post it to your personal Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page using the hashtag #EcoChallenge. You can use these as guiding templates. If you’re not on social media, post it to the EcoChallenge Participant Feed. Share your EcoChallenge ‘Selfie’ by October 13 and you’ll be eligible to win 100 EcoChallenge bonus points. Points can add up to some pretty amazing prizes! We’ll notify the lucky winner on October 17. Read complete giveaway rules and details here.

Here we go! Here’s to two weeks of great impact – and great fun, too.


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