EcoChallenge Kicks Off Next Week – 6 Things You Need to Know

EcoChallenge participants share their EcoChallenges along with their reasons for participating at last week’s Launch Party in Portland, Oregon

On October 11th we kick off EcoChallenge 2017! Last week we celebrated in Portland with our annual EcoChallenge Launch Party where participants shared their reasons for joining EcoChallenge and the challenges they are taking on this year. With over 4,000 participants and more than 400 teams signed up so far, we’re poised to make a stronger impact than any previous year. As you get ready, here are 6 tips to remember.

What are the best ways to show that individual actions add up to significant collective impact? Before you even begin, make sure you’ve invited others to join you. Are there co-workers who might like to join the fun? What about friends, family, neighbors or classmates? Share the event link or your team page link, invite others and then share the “why” behind your EcoChallenge.

This year, we encourage you to do a self-assessment to celebrate the actions you are already doing to live more sustainably. (Wondering what this is? Under each EcoChallenge action, there is a box you can check to note that you are “already doing this”). We’ll be tracking the data and sharing the results with our EcoChallenge community and beyond.

Do your actions and don’t forget to check in every day. You can also help to maximize your own impact, as well as our collective impact, by checking in every day and making sure you are logging both your daily actions that you complete – and your one-time actions. It all adds up! If you forget to check-in, you can always go back and retroactively mark your action as completed.

Sharing makes it even more fun. Did you know that posting to your personal EcoChallenge feed is an inspiring way to share your stories, challenges and what you are learning along the way? Your team will be able to view your feed and offer comments in return. You can also check out what others are saying anytime by checking the EcoChallenge Participant Feed. Don’t forget to share your stories and your EcoChallenge via social media, too. We’ll make even more of a splash by reminding our communities why we do what we do and why it is so important for both ourselves personally, and the planet.

What are those EcoChallenge points all about? During EcoChallenge we challenge you to change a habit that benefits you, your community and the planet. You choose your challenge, and then earn points for completing your actions, engaging your community and sharing your story. Your points add up to demonstrate your impact, and help your team win EcoChallenge competitions (if you are engaging in a friendly competition!). Every time you check in on the current day, you get points. You can also get points by posting to your feed, recruiting participants, or recruiting a new team. And of course, every time you complete an action you also will accrue points. For a full recap on points, click here.

What about other action areas? And can I get resources to support my EcoChallenge? Many EcoChallengers choose actions in one or two action areas, but did you know that EcoChallenge actions span the sustainability continuum? If you chose actions in one category, wonderful! However, it can be fun to learn about the other things you can do as well. Check out a few of the action areas and also the new resource links we’ve added in this year. Not only are Resource pages linked to every EcoChallenge action, there are also resources peppered throughout that correlate with different actions. Whether energy or transportation related or water or food related, there is always something new to learn and try. Today, check out the Waste Challenges and Waste Resources.

Remember your “Why” and share it. Whatever your reason for participating in EcoChallenge, remember your “Why.” This is what sustains us for not only the duration of the two-week challenge, but more importantly for a lifetime of making change for good. Take some time to consider your own personal inspiration and motivation. Why is this important to you, now? Consider sharing your ‘why’ via social media to inspire others (and use the hashtag #EcoChallenge). Whatever your reason, we’re glad to be on this journey, together.


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