Earth Day, Marches and Beyond – What Next?

Photo courtesy of Earth Day Network

This Earth Day, over 600 marches happened around the world in celebration of science – and the Earth Day Network inspired over two billion “acts of green.” This weekend, the People’s Climate March will happen in hundreds of communities around the world, with people marching for climate, jobs and justice. We’re excited about the momentum underway!

At NWEI, we are thinking ahead to what actions we can take to follow these global awareness-raising events. We’re also thinking on what is needed long-term in order to maintain the energy and persistence required to usher in a more sustainable future.

In the spirit of our discussion questions in the NWEI course books, here are several questions for reflection to consider as you move forward.

  1. What do you care most about now? Why do you care about taking action? Take a moment to clarify for yourself. Consider writing it down. 
  2. What steps are you taking daily, weekly and monthly to show your support for the issues that matter most? Identify at least one action you can take. 
  3. How do you stay inspired, even in light of discouraging news? What practices can you weave into your life that will help you to maintain your energy and commitment? 
  4. What actions will you commit to in the next month that will move you toward your goals? Clarify. Invite others to join you. 

Whatever you do after Earth Day and the marches, find ways to stay involved and engaged! As naturalist and writer Wendell Berry says, “The Earth is what we all have in common.” Let’s do our part to be the change we wish to see.


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