NWEI’s self-led discussion courses are designed to spark shared learning, shared stories, and shared action. Each course book also includes tips and guidelines to help facilitators organize a course.
The Choices for Sustainable Living course book now has updated information and resources. This includes a new session on Transportation and the addition of the Iceberg, a systems-thinking exercise to help participants dive more deeply into the issues. A detailed list of articles and resources included in the Choices for Sustainable Living course book is available in the Table of Contents.

Participants read each week’s material (which may include brief articles, book excerpts and/or links to online content) on their own before each meeting. During each session, group members take turns facilitating by leading others through discussion questions provided in the course book.

“The Choices for Sustainable Living course is wonderful! I am learning so much and my eyes are opening every day to new ways I can help make things right for the planet. Thank you for creating such great learning materials!”

– Ginger Strand, Course Participant, Dallas, TX

Sample Discussion Questions

  • Jared Diamond wrote, “Eventually Easter’s growing population was cutting the forest more rapidly than the forest was regenerating.” What evidence do you see that our societies are using similar practices today?
  • Can you calculate the miles your lunch traveled to get to your plate?
  • What sort of jobs do you envision in a sustainable economy and what would you like to do?

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