2017 Campus EcoChallenge!

Campus EcoChallenge is an online tool that takes our proven model for sparking learning and action on sustainability and community issues, and customizes it for students.

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Starting this year, your campus or class can participate in the new Campus EcoChallenge. You’ll choose your own event dates and then engage students in your class, or campus-wide, and join us in proving that small actions add up to real change!

Challenges include energy, waste, transportation, food, water, health, simplicity, and community engagement. Challenges can complement areas of focus on your syllabus, or can support campus-wide initiatives such as curbing waste or reducing water use.

Pricing for the Campus EcoChallenge is $5/participant when offered in conjunction with an NWEI course book, or $10/participant as a stand-alone program.

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Working on Sustainable Development Goals?

See how Campus EcoChallenge connects to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and infuses your community with ideas and tools for working toward the Goals.