21 Days of Action and Impact | Drawdown EcoChallenge Wraps Up Today!

Tonight concludes our first-ever Drawdown EcoChallenge, and we’re excited about all the ways we’ve contributed to the 100 most substantive solutions to climate change! Over the past 21 days, over 7,200 people and 767 teams have chosen actions that make an impact in the areas of electricity generation, food choices, buildings and cities, land use and transportation.

Over the past three weeks, we’ve made over 500 donations to support causes related to climate change, volunteered over 190 hours, and contacted public officials over 2,000 times about the issues we care about. Over 144,000 pounds of CO2 have been diverted and we’ve consumed over 30,000 meatless, vegan, local or zero-waste meals. Furthermore, we’ve been shoring up on our knowledge base, spending over 176,000 mintues learning about climate solutions.

So what can over 7,000 changemakers accomplish in three weeks? Check out our current collective impact to find out (and we’re not done yet!). Thanks to all who have joined us this month and the many ways you’ve contributed to making postive change!


Happy Earth Day! Share Your #UnSelfie4Earth

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

– Jane Goodall

In celebration of Earth Day, we’re culminating three weeks of action in the first-ever Drawdown EcoChallenge, which wraps up this Wednesday, April 25th. We’re in the final stretch and we’re so excited to see all that has been accomplished so far.

We think it’s pretty unselfish to act on behalf of Earth. Many of you have shared with us your reason for participating in Drawdown EcoChallenge. It has been incredibly inspiring, which led us to asking the NWEI EcoChallenge community to share your “Why” for taking action this month. Many of you took to social media to share your photos and to reflect on the many reasons you choose to take action on behalf of our amazing planet. 

We’re sharing a few today via our blog, but you can also jump in and post your UnSelfie to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the hashtags #UnSelfie4Earth #DrawdownEcoChallenge. We’ll be choosing one “UnSelfie” at random to win a TerraCycle All-In-One-Zero Waste Box on April 25th.

Until then, we wish you a Happy Earth Day and thank you for all the countless ways you create positive change!

                                                              “Why EcoChallenge? This is my Why. #UnSelfie4Earth #DrawdownEcoChallenge ~ Shane H.





Drawdown EcoChallenge Impact and Solutions | One Week to Go!

As we head into our final week of Drawdown EcoChallenge, we’re celebrating our collective impact to date. With over 6,400 participants and 700 teams, we’ve already made 255 donations to causes supporting climate action, diverted over 72,000 pounds of CO2, and spent over 80,000 minutes learning about climate solutions.

We’ve contacted elected officials over 600 times, advocating for the changes we wish to see. We’ve also eaten over 11,000 meatless or vegan meals, saved over 50,000 gallons of water, and travelled over 26,400 miles by carpool, bike or bus. To check out our impact so far, click here.

One of our favorite aspects of the EcoChallenge is that people from all walks of life come together to take action. In our top ten teams, two highschools continue to make big impact with North Carolina’s Asheville Highschool in the lead and Lincoln Highschool in Portland, Oregon not far behind in 4th place. The top teams also include Taiwan Sugar Corporation, Comerica Bank, Organic Valley, Mayo Clinic and Salesforce. In 7th place is Built Ecology and Friends, an initiative within WSP USA that promotes sustainability, health, resiliency, and equity in the built environment. “We care about real people working on real projects to create real sustainability. We’re excited to challenge ourselves for this EcoChallenge and share what we learn along the way,” shared team captain Narada Golden.

Jan Chang, team captain of  Taiwan Sugar Corporations’s team (Taisugar Circular Economy) shared, “Actions speak louder than words. I believe this is the spirit of the Drawdown Ecochallenge.” They are competing against the Project Drawdown Community Team, led by team captain Jeff Gilliland. “My mission is to seek new ways to reduce my daily carbon footprint, and to encourage and empower to strive for drawdown every day. We can reverse global warming in our lifetimes,” shared Jeff. “My vision of a sustainable community is one in which homes and vehicles are powered by renewable sources, food is grown locally and regeneratively, and the community members hold each other (and themselves) accountable for their carbon footprints. For that vision to become a reality, we need to change our habits and priorities – one step at a time.”

We couldn’t agree more. Thanks to all the Drawdown EcoChallengers for each action you are taking this month and beyond!



New Online Choices for Sustainable Living Course Begins May 9th

In honor of our 25th year, we’re excited to offer our first-ever online Choices for Sustainable Living discussion course, beginning May 9th! Please join us to explore sustainability and help create ecologically sustainable organizations, lifestyles and communities.

The new online Choices for Sustainable Living discussion course will begin Wednesday, May 9th. Facilitated by NWEI staff, this online course will run Wednesday mornings from 9-10amPST/12-1pmEST. We’ll meet online for eight consecutive discussions, ending Wednesday, June 27th. Cost is $45, which includes the course book, the online Choices EcoChallenge and online course registration fee.

Sustainability is a complex and somewhat contradictory concept, but at its best represents the hope for a healthy, just and bright future for us all. This online course will provide participants with a powerful opportunity to explore sustainability more deeply and envision a sustainable world from individual, societal and global perspectives. We will also be using the online Choices EcoChallenge action platform to help participants discover new ways to make change more possible and powerful, both individually and together. Learn more and register here.

Celebrating 25 Years | NWEI’s Spring Newsletter is Here!

NWEI’s Spring Newsletter is here! In this edition, we celebrate NWEI’s 25 years of impact, share our view of sustainability, and highlight our new partnership with Project Drawdown (which has inspired the new Drawdown EcoChallenge which began last week). Read on for a message from our Executive Director, and to learn more about what we have planned this year in honor of our 25th anniversary – including a new online Choices for Sustainable Living discussion course, beginning May 9th. As Executive Director David Macek shared, “Each year, we’re amazed at what the NWEI community accomplishes and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead. Stay tuned for more opportunities to celebrate our 25th anniversary with us this year, including a special fall event. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you!”

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