Sustainable World Coalition Joins NWEI’s Network of Partner Organizations

map-with-partners-300x298We are proud to welcome NWEI’s newest partner, the Sustainable World Coalition, to NWEI’s network of partner organizations. As you may know, NWEI has formed partnerships with individuals and organizations across North America to actively inspire others to change for good. We are proud of our strong history of collaboration.

The Sustainable World Coalition produces materials and programs for schools and the general public intended to deepen awareness of and foster large scale shifts towards sustainability – and towards living lives in harmony with nature and all beings. SWC’s books, programs, and online courses convey a broad range of our most challenging global issues, as well as the most promising solutions, with an emphasis on personal and collective actions. SWC will be sharing NWEI resources with its networks, and NWEI discussion courses are also featured in SWC’s Sustainable World Sourcebook. Thanks to Steve Motenko, SWC’s Director of Operations, for forging this new collaboration!

*For more stories and news on NWEI’s partner network, you can follow NWEI’s partner blog reel.


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