Rain Barrels Offer Water Conservation Solutions for EcoChallenge and Beyond: Guest Blog Post

rain barrelThanks to Bryant Moroder for the following Guest Blog Post – and for the collaboration around the forthcoming EcoChallenge. Bryant has been a long-time friend of NWEI, co-hosting the 2006 NWEI North American Gathering in Madison, Wisconsin and helping to start hundreds of NWEI discussion courses during his tenure with NWEI partner Sustain Dane.

Looking for better ways to fulfill your water conservation EcoChallenge in 2013? Northwest Earth Institute has partnered with RainReserve, a national company that makes innovative rainwater harvesting products for the 2013 EcoChallenge. Any individual who joins the 2013 EcoChallenge, will receive a 10% off coupon for any RainReserve purchase you make thru November 2013. *And for any purchase made, 10% will be donated to the Northwest Earth Institute.
Created from sustainability principles, the RainReserve diverter was designed to eliminate the carbon foot print with traditional rain barrels. The core design concept was to provide a homeowner with easy access to a local barrel supply and all the parts needed to make that barrel function exceptionally well as rainwater harvesting system.
The origin of RainReserve has roots connected back to NWEI. In 2007, the inspiration from RainReserve came from a partnership between Enginuity and Sustain Dane, a NWEI partner organization.  Enginiuty’s innovative design skills and a passion for sustainability combined with the assistance of volunteers led to the creation of the RainReserve diverter. With the help of volunteers, many of which were participants recruited from the NWEI discussion courses, some of the first RainReserve systems were installed in Madison.
NWEI is pleased to announce this collaboration with RainReserve which will help 2013 EcoChallenge participants achieve their goals. More information about RainReserve is available here.


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