Our New Course Will Be Published as an Ebook, Here’s Why…

Change Is Our Choice - CoverJust last week on Earth Day we announced our newest discussion course, Change Is Our Choice: Creating Climate Solutionswhich will be presented as an interactive ebook – coming your way at the end of May!

If you have participated in an NWEI discussion course in the past, you may notice that this is the first time we’re releasing our new course exclusively via ebook instead of printing a paperback version too. Change Is Our Choice will be an interactive ebook, and the content includes more video and web content, as well as new ways to connect with other participants, and many opportunities to dive deeper into the subject matter with links to resources. We’re excited to offer you this dynamic and interactive multimedia course experience that integrates video, audio and printed content.

“Why an ebook?” you might be asking. First, this format allows us to update the quickly changing information quickly and easily. Unlike a printed course book (which once we go to print is final) we’ll be able to leverage the ebook format to bring you the latest resources pertaining to climate solutions, a rapidly changing subject.

The ebook format also allows for a dynamic course experience drawing from multimedia and addressing multiple learning styles (auditory and visual learners rejoice!) Finally, we’re excited to reduce waste – as well as continue to respond to the increasing number of requests for our course books offered electronically.

Does this mean we are doing away with printed books in the future? Nope! Not at all. With the rapidly shifting nature of climate information, we feel this course is suited more than any other to be offered as an ebook.

In a few weeks we’ll be following up with some tips to ensure that you get the most out of the content and process outlined in the new course. In the meantime, we are excited to bring you more interactive content, and to provide you with the latest climate science and news thanks to the flexibility of the ebook format. Stay tuned!


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